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  • Re: Ramadan, request for day off

    Would not have denied request. As is for religious reasons a reasonable accommodation would seem to be called for. Using a 24 hour notice as too little time is a precarious position to take. It now puts company on the defensive to "Prove" any undue hardship which may prove very difficult to convince anyone of. Culturally sends a definitive negative message to work force aside from potential legal implications. I would recommend having a discussion with the employee and explain that in the future
    Posted to Discrimination (Forum) by sizzler25910 on July 18, 2013
  • Re: Almost Maxed Out in Salary Range

    Recommend the first place to look is the job description of the position you were hired to perform and identify how your responsibilities have changed since that time and recommend a review of current position based upon the enhancements to the position responsibilities. Typically the positions were a ssigned a salary grade based upon evaluation of responsibilities, skills, supervisory responsibiliities, budgetary responsibilities, etc.
    Posted to Compensation (Forum) by sizzler25910 on February 20, 2013
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