Safety Mission Statement

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  • Safety Mission Statement

       I was invited to participate in our Company's Safety Committed, and I was asked to create or work on a Safety Committee Mission Statement.

    Any ideas.


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  • Re: Safety Mission Statement

    We don't really have a mission statement actually stated for our Safety Committe. However, we have in the outline for the organizational rules of the committee what I believe to be as close to having one without deeming it the mission "statement":

                   "The Safety Committee is organized  to present and find solutions for safety concerns. The goal of the committee is to make the work environment of each individual safer."

    I know this is very simple, but I think that a Safety Committee's focus should really be directed toward one aspect: take whatever steps necessary to make everything as safe as possible through collective discussion & presentation of solutions for safety concerns that hopefully will result in safe resolutions for those issues.

    Tim Croley,
    Safety Coordinator
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  • Re: Safety Mission Statement

    Some states (14 that I know of) require safety committees at workplaces with some minimum number of employees, and their regulations may prescribe a mission for you. If you're not in one of those states, here are some ideas for language:

    "[Company] is dedicated to protecting the safety and health of its employees. We have established a safety and health program to prevent injuries and illnesses due to hazards. Employee involvement at all levels of the company is critical for us to be successful in this effort. To accomplish this task, a joint worker/management safety committee has been established to bring workers and management together in a nonadversarial, cooperative effort to promote safety and health in the workplace. This safety committee will provide information and recommendations to management about occupational safety and health conditions and practices, and to provide a forum for information exchange."

    "A safety committee is established as a management tool to recommend improvements to the workplace safety program and to identify corrective measures needed to eliminate or control recognized safety and health hazards."

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  • Re: Safety Mission Statement

    Here is our mission statement to get ideas from...

    The Safety Committee consists of management and employee representatives who have an interest in the general promotion of safety and health for (Company).

    The commiuttee is accountable for recommending safety and health improvements in the workplace.  They are charged with the responsibility of defining obstacles and creating solutions, identifying hazards and suggesting corrective actions, helping to identify employee safety training needs, and developing accident investigation procedures to improve safety and health for you, the employees of (Company).

    Kind of wordy, but you may be able to get some ideas!


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