Fork Truck Checklist

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  • Fork Truck Checklist

    Is there any OSHA requirement that would call for every driver of a given fork truck to perform the safety checklist as outlined in 1910.178?  My understanding has always been that this is a pre-shift check of safety critical items and is good for the duration of the shift, regardless of how may drivers use the truck on that shift.  I think that the first driver of the shift is the only one responsible to complete the checklist.  Am I correct? 
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  • Re: Fork Truck Checklist

    Yes, you are correct. It is a pre-shift inspection to be completed before the truck is driven. If multiple users inspect the truck it should be inspected by the first person that drives the truck. Train your workers how to fill out the sheet and that each driver should check to ensure the check sheet has been filled out before they drive the truck.
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  • Re: Fork Truck Checklist


    If I am reading the requirement correctly: if an industrial truck is used on a round-the-clock basis, the truck must be examined at the end of each shift. Meaning that if multiple workers use the truck within the shift or longer they do not need to re-inspect.  29 CFR 1920.178(q)(7), (9)

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