Used Mineral Oil Disposal

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  • Used Mineral Oil Disposal

    I was wondering if anyone here uses Mineral Oil in any processes at work. The reason I am asking is because I have been searching everywhere on the technicalities that are associated with disposing of Used Mineral Oil. I work in NY and we have obtained some mineral oil for one of our cleaning processes in a small quantity. The DEC for NY and EPA both have very little information on appropriate handling and disposal of mineral oil.  I am not exactly sure if mineral oil would classify as a RCRA "Used Oil" due to the origins of mineral oil. The technical term for mineral oil is Petrolatum and very little information on the appropriate measures to dispose of the material. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  • Re: Used Mineral Oil Disposal

    Ask whomever handles your waste disposal...if you have someone that is.

     If you do, it will most likely go as a Non DOT, Non RCRA Regulated Liquid, (used mineral oil).


    It is possible they can recycle it, your waste guy will tell you how to classify it.

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  • Re: Used Mineral Oil Disposal

    I agree. The  pure mineral oil would certanly be Non DOT and non RCRA Regulated, however...does the "cleaning" cause the oil to become contaminated with any toxic materials? (metals which may carry "D" codes, etc) That may change things a bit in regards to how you may dispose of it, and it may actually cause it to become hazardous. If there is any question, you may want to pull a sample and send for analysis. At any rate, a local oil recycler could easily assist you in the proper path.

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