IH sampling - welding fumes

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  • IH sampling - welding fumes

    Is the any passive dosemeter or other symple device that can be used to sample breathing zones for welders?  I have one guy who welds during at most 5% of his annual work load.  Trying to figure out how to do some air sampling.  I would like to get him out of having to wear the respirator if it is not really needed, or at least down grade to something less restrictive.  I can't at present due to the unknown contaminant levels.


    Anyway, Ideas for something other than having to hang a pump and do the calibrations and all the stuff that goes allong with that type of sampling process

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  • Re: IH sampling - welding fumes

    In the state of WI I joined the National/Wisconsin safety council and they provide free annual air monitoring tests for paint and weld shops.  We do not require our welders to wear respirators but provide them with welding cup masks if they would like to use them.  These welders weld all day and don't have any complaints about the fumes.  If any further questions please feel free to contact me.  Jason Manning 715-263-2112 Ext. 163


    Hope it helps



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