Site Specific Safety Plan Template

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  • Site Specific Safety Plan Template

    Hello fellow safety professionals.  By any chance does anyone out there have a template for a Site Specific Safety Plan that they would be willing to share.  I am trying to not re-create the wheel if necessray.  My email is

     Thank you.


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  • Re: Site Specific Safety Plan Template

    Washington State's safety administration agency - WISHA - has some sample here:

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  • Re: Site Specific Safety Plan Template



    The following is a plan outline that I have used.  I usually include a title sheet, contact list and the program itself.  Of course, you need to add any specifics that the contractor wants.  In part D I usually use the following table: (Example)


    Work Task

    Potential Hazards

    Preventive Actions


    Flying debris

    Wear Eye protection



    Prior to the start of work, each prime Subcontractor and their subcontractors are to provide to the Contractor a copy of a written Project Specific Safety Plan.  This plan must provide responses to the following 10 points.  Please refer to the specific point (i.e., A, B, C, etc.) being addressed in the plan.  Prime Subcontractors will be responsible for ensuring that their subcontractors comply with this requirement.


    Project Safety Plan for (Insert your company name)


    The following is the Project Specific Safety Plan for (company name and address, project name of the company project you are working for/on)


    A.                The name of the person who is responsible for the implementation of the plan and what role this person will play during the project.


    B.                 The time and day of job site safety meetings with workers, supervision and subcontractors (documented).


    C.                 Provisions for safety inspection of the job site by supervision (documented)


    D.                Describe the hazards that are involved with the work to be performed and explain (in detail) how the hazards will be controlled through safe operating procedures.  Include the topic(s) of personal protective equipment and the fire protection equipment that will be used.


    E.                 Explain how the subcontractor’s MSDS’ will be provided to the contractor.


    F.                  The methods that will be used to ensure that all OSHA required training and Owner safety requirements have been communicated to craft persons.


    G.                The type of training given to key personnel in key positions.


    H.                Company policy on substance abuse.


    I.                   Accident reporting, first aid, and emergency procedures for this project.


    J.                   The procedure for ensuring that the detail of the Project Specific Safety Plan stated information will be communicated, implemented, and enforced for workers, supervisors, and subcontractor.

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