Non-Occupational or Work Re-lated

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  • Non-Occupational or Work Re-lated

    If a employee is (on the clock) and is asked to go get a tool that is in a truck. Starts walking to the truck, slips and falls on an uneven surface while walking to the truck to get the tool, is this an non-occ? or a work re-lated injury?

    My answer is work re-lated, however I'm getting a non-occ. opinion from some of my co workers due to the fact that the employee was just walking (a every day thing in life).

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  • Re: Non-Occupational or Work Re-lated


     Take a look at 1904.5 for a determine of "work-relatedness". In my opinion it is work related.

    By your co-workers logic, the death of worker from a boiler blowing up would only work related if he was actively operating the boiler.


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  • Re: Non-Occupational or Work Re-lated

    Agreed--Work related. If the employee collapsed due to a non-work related health issue, you could possibly make a case for non-work related. But here it is pretty clear. The employer is responsible for that uneven surface.
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