cell jammers on lift trucks

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  • cell jammers on lift trucks

    I’m doing research on putting cell jammers on lift trucks to stop people from calling and texting while driving inside the warehouse.

    FCC website explicitly says they are illegal for jamming the communications, but it appears they are concerned with public space and misuse and fear of public safety.  I have also seen a concern about long range 30+ feet.  The one I’m looking at is only 3 meters. So if a person needs to report an emergency they can simply step off the vehicle and be out of the jammer range.

    Since this is a private business using it for the safety of the employees (not in the open public), I don't see how it could be a problem. But it may be illegal under the FCC definition.

    Do you know of any company using this, or have any helpful feedback?


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  • Re: cell jammers on lift trucks

    My 2-minute research gave me the impression it is illegal. But aside from that, it seems like a passive-agressive approach. Why not sit down with your drivers, explain the concern and possibilities of injury and/or damage, and then let them know if they are spotted talking or texting, it will result in discipline including possible termination?

    I think if you block or jam signals, they are just going to get creative and block the jammers or find another way. Be sincere and factual and I think you will have a better solution to a problem we are all facing in this digital age.

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