School Shop Safety

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  • School Shop Safety

     Learning woodworking and metal working is a great asset for a student, however it comes with a great responsibility. It is up to a student to use equipment safely, even when not under supervision. This simple fact does not go away as we move away from the education space and into the work force. 

    My co-founder and I are engineers who have developed safety equipment for manufacturing. We have created  new products that is tailored for school shops. 

    We are just starting out and looking for feedback on our product from those who we think it can benefit the most. If you wouldn't mind please check out our demo video. If you are then interested in a demo unit to try please  contact us at:

     Product Demo video: 

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  • Re: School Shop Safety



    I was gone through your demo video and like to share my view on it.

    Really it is appreciable step to help out students to use wood & metal work safely. Really these equipment are great, I'm glad for your step, but on one think I;m conscious is that is it affordable to schools, collages, workshop? Why schools & collages will opt these safety equipment if it is costly?


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