What is wrong with this picture

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  • What is wrong with this picture

    I am looking for pictures to be discussed among our employees during our 7 minute safety talks.  Does anyone have any that I may have or can you direct me to a website/place that I may find them.

    Appreciate it

    Sandy E.

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  • Re: What is wrong with this picture

    Hello Sandy,  We use pictures a lot in our tool box talk meetings, etc.  However, we take a digital camera and take photos in individual work areas of, for example, unsafe conditions, unsafe acts, etc.  Believe me you probably won't have any trouble finding them!  We transfer the photos to a disk then blow them up to 8.5 X 11 size or use an overhead projector to show them....our employees really relate and learn when we use them.  Good Luck!


    Ron W.

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  • Re: What is wrong with this picture

    An excellent photo site is www.safetyphoto.co.uk  

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  • Re: What is wrong with this picture

    One of my favorite sites is the US Naval Safety Center at http://www.safetycenter.navy.mil/photo/archive/default.htm

    Another that has a large resource of photos is www.safteng.net 

    Although Safeteng.net asks for a $25.00 per year membership fee to help offset the costs, the resources available to be used within your company are far worth the small fee and help keep an excellent safety resource operating. If you contribute 5 original pictures to the site, you get free access for a year.

    Dan Plant
    Lowe, Gravelle & Associates Inc.
    Massena NY / Cornwall ON

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